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Our cutting-edge software provides you with a comprehensive solution to accept and manage electronic payments effectively. Choose Afsol and benefit from an advanced, secure and flexible acceptance solution that helps you grow your business and satisfy your customers.

La plateforme d'acceptation Open paysol

Paysol is a centralized acceptance solution based on the Nexo protocol, which means that it is not the payment terminals that directly contact the acquirer, everything goes through the central server. Our Paysol solution is distributed on both Android payment terminals and a Linux server.
We have chosen the most open technologies and standards (Nexo, Android, Linux, iOS...) so that our solutions are interoperable and independent of acquirers, terminal manufacturers and any supplier. This interoperability and independence offer you several advantages. Firstly, the ability to be time to market in terms of cross-border deployments as well as a real lever for negotiation, procurement and challenging all suppliers.

Thanks to our Open Paysol platform, we can offer you multiple acceptance solutions to best meet your needs. Therefore, it comes in the form of a centralized payment solution, autonomous payment solution and SoftPOS.

Paysol consists of several applications installed on the payment terminal.


It is an Android payment application. It is multi-protocol and allows for the remote configuration of the POS terminal. This application follows the NEXO-FAST standard regarding payment processing. It can handle payments in track, manual, chip and contactless modes.


The Paykiosk application manages and centralizes the remote configuration of Android payment terminals. It also handles the configuration of other mobile applications within the application suite.


This Androir application allows loading a master encryption key into the terminal's secure space remotely.


It is an application for communication with a cash register software. Therefore, it allows for a direct link with the cash register. This application serves as an interface between a cash register and MyPaysol payment application.

The services are deployed on the central server

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