Our standalone products

At Afsol, we believe in the power of flexibility and customization to meet the specific needs of our clients. Our standalone products are designed to complement our main solutions, offering tailor-made capabilities. Explore our range of standalone products below and discover how they can enhance your experience and maximize the performance of your payment solutions. 

The open TMS Nexo

Afsol's Nexo TMS is the most open and agnostic solution on the market. It was chosen by Crédit Agricole Payment Services, the largest payment "factory" in Europe, after several months of analysis and benchmarking of various market solutions.
Like all of Afsol's software, the TMS solution is built on a microservices-based architecture. Each service has its own API and specific security measures.

The protocol converter

Afsol is the leader in protocol conversion in France. Our products is used by our clients, Arkea, CAPS and Monext to convert significant volumes of Nexo flows from groups such as TOTAL, BNPP, SODEXO, CARREFOUR, TORFS en Belgique, 3CPayment et ILIAD en Italie.
Like all of Afsol's software, this solution is marketed both in "On-Premise" mode and "Software As A Service" mode.

Remote collection and remote configuration

Afsol is also a leader in this field. Indeed, this product, which has been around for over 20 years, is unique in the French market both in terms of customer references and its ability to handle large volumes.

Thus, this platform, which is one of the 2 most critical applications of a payment leader in Europe, has been classified as "LPM" in reference to the Military Programming Law, as it is considered critical for the 400,000 merchants connected to this platform.
Like all of Afsol's software, this solution is marketed both in "On-Premise" mode and "Software As A Service" mode.

Smart routing

Thanks to the historical payment DNA of its teams, Afsol developed a unique payment flow management solution over 20 years ago. This solution allows for the application of the "déliassage" mechanism, which involves directly addressing each bank's payment flows without going through an intermediary (centralizing acquirer). When dealing with significant payment volumes, this mechanism, which treats each banks as the acquirer of its own cardholders, can generate very significant financial gains : zero interbank fees and real-time cash flow.
Afsol is the leader in France for this solution and counts among its references the most significant clients utilizing this "déliassage" mechanism.

Detection and Control of Payment frauds

Our solution for detection and control of payment frauds, which has been in production for about a decade, provides our clients with extensive possibilities for modeling various risks as well as a high processing capacity for significant volumes of transactions and remittances.
Hence, it enables our clients, PSPs and major banks like Crédit Agricole Payment Services, to be at the forefront in this domain in France.