Who are we ?

Based in Perpignan, Afsol specializes in the development of payment software since 2005. Since its establishment, the company has pursued a policy of consolidating its solutions. Its team is primarily composed of technical specialists.


Afsol, a leading company in its sector

Since its creation, Afsol has cultivated a position of leadership, particularly in telecollection and routing of payment flows, teleconfiguration, protocol conversion, terminal management, delatching and the NEXO standard.

It is one of the pioneers of the NEXO standard in France, having developed a unique and comprehensive NEXO platform in the market. This platform is based on a common engine that drives several acceptance solutions :

    • A softPOS solution for Android smartphones
    • An mPOS solution for lightweight Android terminals
    • A centralized monetic solution for Android/Linux POS terminals
    • An autonomous payment solution for small merchants

Afsol has chosen the most open technologies and standards (NEXO, Android, Linus, iOS...) to ensure that its solutions are interoperable and independent of acquirers, terminal manufacturers and any suppliers. This interoperability and independence provide our clients with the ability to be time to market in terms of cross-border deployments, and also a real lever for negotiation, procurement an challenging of all suppliers (POS terminals, cash registers...)

Today, Afsol is the only independent pure software editor in the market to offer a modular and agnostic platform covering both acceptance and acquisition, both On-Premise and Cloud modes.

Some key dates from Afsol

At Afsol, we are passionate about creating innovative products in the industry. Since 2005, we have been providing high-quality services to all our clients. In a constantly evolving landscape, our desire to meet your needs remains the primary driving force behind our software creation business. Our team of professionals is here to inspire you with their unique ideas and capabilities.

Our values



For us, it is important to establish trusting and long-lasting relationships with our clients. Thus, the management team ensures to be honest and communicate transparently about our services and solutions.



We aim to offer you the best possible solutions. To achieve this, our R&D team strives to push innovation and new ideas to the furthest extent, aiming to provide you with cutting-edge, modern, and high-performing solutions.


Listening skills

Our company strives to understand your needs and expectations in order to offer you tailored solutions. Thus, listening is a key factor in continuously improving our services to adapt and effectively meet your needs.



With nearly 18 years of experience in the field of payment systems and software development, our company ensures optimal security for our solutions. Indeed, we implement advanced procedures and technologies to guarantee the security of your transactions and protect your data.



At Afsol, we adapt to our clients' need by offering them personalized and modular solutions. We ensure that our clients achieve the desired results, which greatly contributes to the continuous improvement of our services to better match your needs.