Our SoftPOS solution

The SoftPOS solution we offer provides a simple yet secure mobile payment experience. It's a software that transforms the merchant's smartphone into a payment terminal, enabling them to accept transactions from their customers easily and quickly. The purpose of this software is to complement the existing payment terminal offerings.

The SoftPOS

Our SoftPOS solution is unique in the market as it is the only one enabling an exceptional time-to-market deployment at a minimal cost, both in France and internationally. Launched in 2021, it is the result of a strategic partnership with Alcinéo, providing a universal set of tools for programming mobile applications across all Android smartphones. This solution allows for the digitization of payments as well as receipts (SMS, email, QR code, etc.). Additionally, it enables accepting payments without a maximum amount.

This highly secure solution perfectly meets the needs of 'mobile cashiers 3.0' as it has been built with a unified engine that agnostically addresses both Android smartphones and tablets in softPOS mode and Android/Linux keger TPEs in mPOS mode.

It exhibits the same characteristics of openness and interoperability as other Afsol products.

The advantages of SoftPOS



You have the ability to directly handle your customer's payment without redirecting them to a cash register, eliminating any interruption during the purchase process.


Costs reduction

You no longer need to invest in hardware such as a POS terminal, only your smartphone is required for the software to function.



It's a faster solution that eliminates queues for your customers since you can process their payments quickly and anywhere in your store.



With this software, you can offer an innovative and fast experience to your customers, thus boosting their loyalty.

Unique Customer Benefits

  • Independence from any type of hardware, software, or service provider: PSP, Acquirer, POS Manufacturer, Cash Register Software Editor...
  •  Independence from geographical borders and domestic protocols thanks to the 'Black-Box Nexo' concept.
  • Ability to challenge suppliers and secure supply chains (learnings from Covid).
  • Improved time-to-market through accelerated cross-border deployments.
  • Significant cost optimization due to the universality of the solution.