Our acquisition solution

Our innovative software provides a comprehensive and personalized approach to streamline and secure your financial transactions. Trust Afsol for high-performing, scalable and tailored acquisition solutions that meet your specific needs.

Our acquisition solution : STAP

The STAP pre-acquisition/acquisition solution is a secure software that optimizes the telecollection of all banking transactions, performs teleconfiguration of payment terminals, receives and transmits authorization requests, and manages transactions circulating within the payment chain. This solution is designed to adapt to both the smallest and largest payment processors and is primarily deployed in the banking sector, large retail and payment service providers.
STAP manages all the application parameters necessary for terminals. Its is a real decision support tool in the management of acceptors and terminals. All reference data for point-of-sale systems and acceptance are stored in the STAP repository.


Discover the different STAP modules



Thanks to this module, we can retrieve data from the payment terminal fleet. We can perform an inter-STAP update, allowing us to replicate data from one STAP to another.



The operation phase involves extracting movements received from acceptance systems to banking institutions.



Our delatching module redirects the monetary collection flow to various card-issuing banks to recover a portion of the interchange fees.

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This tool allows for the analysis of transactions or deductions that may be considered suspicious. It also handles a significant volume of transactions and deductions.


Remote configuration

This module allows remote configuration of all payment terminals. There are 2 types of setting :

  • Network settings
  • Establishment settings

Remote collection

This module communicates all banking transactions made on a POS terminalto the banking institution to transfer funds to the business account.


File acquisition

This module allows for the aggregation of all transactions.



Our protocol converter allows two devices with different communication protocols to effectively communicate with each other. It is capable of converting from CB2A protocol to NEXO protocol for exemple.

Unique Customer Benefits

  • Great functional richness
  • Stability and technical robustness
  • Ability to process very large volumes including daily peaks of +20 million transactions
  • Great agility and responsiveness in terms of support and taking into account developments, particularly regulatory ones
  • Very rich and intuitive WEB interface for managing repositories and controlling flows 

Why choose our acquisition solution ?

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It's choosing a secure application

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The best return on investment

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A robust and scalable software

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Easy to use and intuitive

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