Our standalone payment solution

Discover our standalone solution, a revolutionary innovation that provides a seamless and frictionless experience for your customers. Additionally, our software ensures enhanced transaction security, thereby protecting sensitive customer data. Explore now how our solution can revolutionize your payment process.

Our standalone payment solution

Afsol has developed a Nexo solution specifically tailored for small retailers. This solution employs the same architectural model as our 'Black-Box' + 'Converter' solution. Like our other solutions, it is modular, agnostic, and supports multiple acquirers. It enables payment terminals to handle transactions and store them until telecollection.

The advantages

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Ease of implementation

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Suited for small businesses with mobile payments

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Multiple distribution channels

Unique customer benefits :

  • Independence from any type of hardware, software, or service provider: PSP, Acquirer, POS Manufacturer, Cash Register Software Editor...
  • Independence from geographical borders and domestic protocols thanks to the 'Black-Box Nexo' concept.
  • Ability to challenge suppliers and secure supply chains (learnings from Covid).
  • Meilleur time to market grâce à la rapidité des déploiements transfrontaliers que permet l’universalité de nos solutions
  • Optimisation significative du coût global de l’activité paiement grâce à l’universalité de nos solutions