Our centralized payment solution

Optimize your financial management with our centralized payment solution Nexo and provide a seamless experience to your customers. Discover now how our revolutionary payment software can transform your business.

Our centralized payment solution

This Afsol solution is built on the “Black-Box” + “Converters” model. It is also modular, agnostic and multi-acquirer. Like all Afsol software, this solution is marketed both in “On Premise” mode and in “Software As A Service” mode. This Open Gateway is unique on the market since it is the only one to allow exceptional time-to-market deployment at the lowest cost both in France and internationally.

It is a solution based on centralized electronic banking, certified, open and independent of acquirers, PSPs, cash register software, protocols, TPE manufacturers, etc.


The advantages

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Quick and cost-effective cross-border deployment

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Reduced time to market

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Cost optimization

Unique customer benefits :

  • Independence from any type of hardware, software, or service provider: PSP, Acquirer, POS Manufacturer, Cash Register Software Editor...
  • Independence from geographical borders and domestic protocols thanks to the 'Black-Box Nexo' concept.
  • Ability to challenge suppliers and secure supply chains (learnings from Covid).
  • Meilleur time to market grâce à la rapidité des déploiements transfrontaliers que permet l’universalité de nos solutions
  • Optimisation significative du coût global de l’activité paiement grâce à l’universalité de nos solutions

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